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CSE Citation Style

About Citing Web Sites

When citing a web site, take note of the title, date of publication, author or publisher, place of publication, and the date you accessed the site. 

You must always include the URL at the end of your citation.

The title of any resource retrieved online is followed by the medium designator [Internet].

For each type of source in this guide, both the general form and a specific example will be provided.

The following format will be used:

In-Text Citation- entry that appears in the body of your paper.

Reference List- entry that appears at the end of your paper.

Information was drawn from Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers.

Corporate Author

The general format and example below refers to a web page with a corporate author.

When citing a web page you must include the date it was accessed, and the URL.  If the web page gives a date when it was updated, include that before the cited date.  Include the title of the web page if it is different from the author's name.

A shortened form of the name of the organization may be used for the in-text citation, using the initial letter of each part of the name or a readily recognizable abbreviation. The abbreviation will appear as the first element in the end reference, within square brackets.

General Format

In-Text Citation:
(Author date)

Reference List:
[Author abbreviation] Author. [Internet]. Date. Title. Place of publication: Publisher; [updated date; cited date]. Available from: URL.


In-Text Citation:
(IRPC 2010)
Reference List:

[IRPC] Industrial Psychology Research Centre. [Internet]. 2010. Aberdeen (UK): University of Aberdeen. [updated 2010 Oct 6; cited 2011 Jan 22]. Available from:

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