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Chicago Manual of Style

Blog Entries (Sec. 14.208)

General Format
  • Blogs are cited like online newspaper aticles.
  • The word blog in parentheses is only needed if the word "blog" is NOT part of the blog title. Like newspaper articles, citations of blog posts are not necessary in a bibliography; including them in the notes is sufficient. 
  • Blogs that are part of a larger publication should also include the name of that publication.
Full Note: 
            1. Author First Name Surname, "Title of Entry," Title of Blog (blog), Title of Larger
Publication if Applicable, Month Day, Year Posted, URL.
1.  Liam Liburd, "Haw-Haw and Radio War: Fake News in the 1940s,"History Matters
(blog), February 21, 2017,
2. Jason B. Jones, “Getting More Done with Emoji,” ProfHacker (blog), Chronicle
of Higher Education, November 22, 2016,
Subsequent Note: 
2. Author, "Title of Entry."
2. Liburd, "Haw-Haw and Radio War."
Author Surname, First Name. "Title of Entry." Title of Blog (blog). Title of 
Larger Publication if Applicable, Month Day, Year Posted, URL.
Jones, Jason B. “Getting More Done with Emoji.” ProfHacker (blog). Chronicle
of Higher Education, November 22, 2016.
Liburd, Liam. "Haw-Haw and Radio War: Fake News in the 1940s." History
Matters (blog). February 21, 2017.