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Chicago Manual of Style

About this Guide

This guide is intended to cover only the Notes and Bibliography system.

For each type of source in this guide, both the general form and a specific example will be provided.

The following format will be used:

  • Full Note - use the first time that you cite a source.
  • Subsequent Note - use after the first time you cite a source.
  • Bibliography - use when you are compiling the Bibliography that appears at the end of your paper.

Information on citing and several of the examples were drawn from The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.). 

About Citing Journal/Magazine Articles

"Periodicals" include print and online journals, magazines, and newspapers. Citations for articles from these sources should include enough information for the reader to find the resource in a library or a database. Dates must be included: month, day, and year for magazines and newspapers; and volume and year plus month or issue number for journals. Major elements are separated by commas in Notes and by periods in the Bibliography.

Notes and bibliographic entries for a journal include the following elements:

  • Author’s Name
    • Notes include the author’s name as listed in the article (First Name, Last Name).
    • Bibliographic entries invert the first author’s name (Last Name, First Name), but have the subsequent authors names as listed in the article (First Name, Last Name).
  • Article Title
    • Write the article title in Title or Headline Case Put the article title in quotation marks for both the Notes and the Bibliography journal title Italicized May omit an initial "The," but is also written in Title or Headline case
  • Issue Information (i.e., volume, issue number, publication date, and page numbers)
    • Volume has no punctuation and is not italicized
    • If given, the issue number is separate from the volume number with a comma and preceded by "no."
    • Publication date appears in parenthesis after the volume/issue number. The year may be preceded by a specific date, month, or season, if given.
    • Page information
      • Notes: only to the page number(s) cited
      • Bibliography: full page range (fist to last) of the article, separated by a hyphen
  • Retrieval Information (for online works)
    • Place the DOI (preferable) or URL at the end of the citation
    • Include an access date only if one is required by your discipline. If included, it precedes the DOI or URL.