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Chicago Manual of Style

"Secondary Sources" or "Indirect Sources" (Sec. 14.260)

If you choose to quote work that is used in the resource you are using you are encouraged to find the original work. There are cases where you might be are unable to track down the original source. In this case, both the original and the secondary source must be listed in the note and the bibliography. Cite the original and secondary source based on their publication type (i.e., book/article), linked with the "quoted in" information.
If you were reading a book and the author of the book (in the example below, that would be A. Cairns) made reference to the work done by another author (in the example below, that would be Edward A. Said), you would refer to the work using the format listed below. 
Original Author: author of the original source
Secondary Source Author: the author of the book/article that refers to the thoughts/ideas of the original author
General Format 
Full Note: 
1. Original Author First Name/Initial Surname, Title (Place of
Publication: Publisher, Year), page #, quoted in Secondary Source's Author First
Name/Initial Surname, Title (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year), page #.
1. Edward A. Said, Culture and Imperialism (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1993), 
quoted in A. Cairns, Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State
(Vancouver, BC: UBC Press, 2000), 103. 
Subsequent Note: 
2. Original Author Surname, Title.
2. Said, Culture and Imperialism.
Original Author Surname, First Name/Initial. Title. Place of Publication: Publisher,
Year. Quoted in Secondary Source's Author First Name/Initial Surname. Title.
Place of Publication: Publisher, Year, page #.
Said, Edward A. Culture and Imperialism. New York: Alfred A Knopf, 1993. Quoted
            in A. Cairns, Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State.
Vancouver, BC: UBC Press, 2000.
NOTE: Because the example above cites a book that was quoted in another book, both parts of the citation resemble that of a book. The format of these parts should change according to the kind of sources being cited.