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Chicago Manual of Style

Newspaper Article (Sec. 14.191-200)

Notes and bibliographic entries for newspapers should include the following:

  • name of the author (if listed),
    • If a news service is listed (e.g., Associated Press) instead of a named author, use the news service as the author.
  • headline or column heading in title case (i.e., Capitalize All of the Major Words). 
  • newspaper name (italicized)
    • Omit the word "The" if it is the first world of the newspaper title.
    • For newspapers that are not well-known, include the city name and province/state in parentheses after the title. This information is not italicized.
  • month (often abbreviated), day, and year.
  • Since issues may include several editions, page numbers are usually omitted.
  • If an online edition of a newspaper is consulted, include the URL at the end of the citation.

General Format 

Full Note: 
1. Author First Name/Initial Surname, "Article Title," Newspaper Title,
Month Day, Year, edition, URL/Database.
1. Laurie Goodstein and William Glaberson, "The Well-Marked Roads to
Homicidal Rage," New York Times, April 10, 2000, national edition.
2. "Austrian Heir and His Wife Assassinated," Manchester Courier and
Lancashire General Advertiser (Manchester, England), June 29, 1914, Gale
Subsequent Note: 
3. Author Surname, "Article Title." 
3. Goodstein and Glaberson, "The Well-Marked Roads."
Author Surname, First Name or Initial. "Article Title." Newspaper Title,
Month Day, Year. URL/Database.
Goodstein, Laurie, and William Glaberson. "The Well-Marked Roads
to Homicidal Rage." New York Times, April 10, 2000.
Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser (Manchester,
England). "Austrian Heir and His Wife Assassinated." June 29, 1914.
Gale NewsVault.
  • Newspapers are usually only cited in text or in notes. If newspaper sources are fully documented in the text, they do NOT need not be cited in the bibliography. (Section 14.198)
  • Unsigned newspaper articles are best dealt with in text/notes. But if a bibliography entry is needed, the title of the newspaper stands in place of the author. (Section 14.199)