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CSE Citation Style Guide

f. "Online Only" Journal Article

Some journals are published online only (not in print). Articles from online only journals may or may not include volume, issue, or page numbers, and may include an "article ID" number. Follow the journal title with the date you accessed the article, the volume number (if given), the issue number (if given), the article ID#, the URL, and DOI (if given).
Journal titles: For more information the format of journal titles, see the tab Basic Journal Article in this guide.
General Format
In-Text Citation:
(Author date)
Reference List:
Author AA. Year. Article title. Journal title. [accessed yyyy Mmm dd];Volume(issue):article ID#. URL. doi.
In-Text Citation:
(Piombino 2016)
Reference List:

Piombino A. 2016. The heavy links between geological events and vascular plants evolution: A brief outline. Int J Evol. [accessed 2022 Feb 16];2016:9264357. doi:10.1155/2016/9264357.