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CSE Citation Style Guide

h. Encyclopedia Article

To cite an encyclopedia article, include the author(s) and title of the article, as well as the editor(s) and title of the encyclopedia. Include the page range of the article.


General Format


In-Text Citation:
(Author(s) date)


Reference List:
Author(s) AA. Title of article. Year. In: Editor(s) BB, editor(s). Title of book. Edition. Place of publication (State or Prov): Publisher name. p. page range.




In-Text Citation:
(Raymer and Reese 2008)
Reference List:

Raymer M, Reese DJ. Hospice. 2008. In: Mizrahi T, Davis LE, editors. Encyclopedia of social work. Vol. 2. 20th ed. Washington (DC): National Association of Social Workers. p. 383-388.