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CSE Citation Style Guide

c. Corporate Author

When citing a web page, include the date you accessed it, and the URL. If the web page lists a date when it was updated, include that before the accessed date. Include the title of the web page if it is different from the corporate author's name.


A shortened form of the name of the organization may be used for the in-text citation, using the initial letter of each part of the name or a readily recognizable abbreviation. The abbreviation will appear as the first element in the end reference, within square brackets.

General Format


In-Text Citation:
(Author date)


Reference List:
[Author abbreviation] Author. Date. Title. Place of publication: Publisher; [updated date; accessed date]. URL.




In-Text Citation:
(IRPC 2010)
Reference List:

[IRPC] Industrial Psychology Research Centre. 2010. Aberdeen (UK): University of Aberdeen. [updated 2010 Oct 6; accessed 2019 Jan 22].