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Open Education Resources (OERs)

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What are Open Texbooks

  • Open textbooks are part of a larger movement called "Open Educational Resources" (OER)
  • An open textbook is a textbook with an open copyright license that allows the material to be freely accessed, shared and adapted.
  • Open licenses allow instructors to adapt, remix, or customize existing open textbooks to maximize instructional content to meet their own learning objectives
  • Many open textbooks are developed through traditional peer review, others are vetted by experts.  As with any textbook, the instructor is the final judge of whether an open textbook meets the needs of the course.
  • They are free for anyone to view and download in an online format and can be made available in a print format at a nominal cost.

NOTE: Open Access vs. Open Education Resource

You can find many open resources on the mega sites listed below. Please note that varying degrees of "open" exist between, and even within these sites. Remember to assess each individual resource for its appropriateness, accessibility, and level of openness.

Find Existing Resources

Contact the Open Education Librarian, Brenda Smith, for help on finding what OER resources are currently available in your field.

Find Open Textbooks

The links below are open resources mega sites that offer books as well as other OER teaching tools.


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