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Open Education Resources (OERs)

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Contact the Open Education Librarian, Brenda Smith, for help on finding what OER resources are currently available in your field.

NOTE: Open Access vs. Open Education Resource

You can find many open resources on the mega sites listed below. Please note that varying degrees of "open" exist between, and even within these sites. Remember to assess each individual resource for its appropriateness, accessibility, and level of openness.

Open Images

"Quiver Trees" by Alastair Rae is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

 Search these sources for openly licenced and public domain images.

Open Video

Search these resources to find openly licenced or public domain images.

Open Courses and Learning Materials

There is a growing number of free courses available online for students to explore. As well, open educational resources can provide students with supplemental materials for their courses.

Open Repositories


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