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This guide outlines books, article databases and other sources to guide students and faculty researching a topic within the field of Education.

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Key Resources

Books to Get You Started

To get some contextual background information on your topic, add:

AND (encyclopedia OR handbook)

to your basic search in Discover, then limit to books. This will give you resources that will help you formulate your specific topic and get some background knowledge.

Click here for an example search.

Stages of schooling in North America

Graduate Success Centre Workshop Materials (July 2023)

Finding Known Items

Choose one (or more!) of these resources and find the full text, if possible!

Judson, G. (2023). Cultivating Leadership Imagination with Cognitive Tools: An Imagination-Focused Approach to Leadership Education. Journal of Research on Leadership Education, 18(1), 40–62.

Mukembo, S. C., & Edwards, M. C. (2015). Long-Term Impacts of Professional Development on Teachers Using a Math-Enhanced Curriculum in Agricultural Power and Technology: A 10-Year Retrospect. Career and Technical Education Research, 40(3), 174–190.

McDaniels, C. and Magno, C. (2014). Leadership and Social Justice. In N.M. Haynes, S. Arafeh, and C. McDaniels (Eds.), Educational leadership: Perspectives on preparation and practice (pp. 67-86). University Press of America.


What kind of resource is this?

If you think it is peer-reviewed, why?

If it is not peer-reviewed, do you think it is reliable enough to use for your project?