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APA Citation Style Guide (7th Edition)

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About Citing Audiovisual Media

When citing audiovisual media, whether it is a podcast, CD, news, YouTube video, television or film clip, you should always provide the description in brackets [ ] to show the format in your citation.

Examples: [Video file], [Television series episode], [Audio podcast], [CD].


Note: the author of a video posted on YouTube or a similar site is generally presumed to be the person who posted the video.

YouTube video:


Author, A. A. OR Author screen name. (Year, Month Day). Title of video [Video]. Youtube. URL of specific video


Gonzalez, A. (2014, Dec 28). Beeding slipper tops [Video]. Youtube.

Great big story. (2017, Feb 27). Pow wow in the club: A new spin on First Nations music [Video]. Youtube.

To cite the words of individuals featured in a video, name or describe the individual(s) in your sentence in the text and then provide a parenthetical citation for the video.



Use the name of the host or producer as the author. Include their role in square brackets.

Provide the date range in which the podcast has aired. If it is ongoing, use "present" as the second date (e.g. 2013-present).

Specify the type of podcast in square brackets, for example: [Audio podcast], [Video podcast].

Omit the URL if the podcast is unknown (i.e. accessed through an app)


Author, A. A. (Role/Contribution). (Date of production/publication). Title in sentence case and italics [Format]. Executive Producer.


Glass, I. (Host). (1995-present). What lies beneath [Audio podcast]. Chicago Public Media.

APAStyle Podcast references

Motion Picture

The director is listed in the author position, followed by (Director).

The word "film" is given in square brackets after the title.

The production company or companies is in the source element of the reference. Separate multiple production companies with a semicolon.

Director, D. D. (Director). (Year). Title of movie [Format]. Production company or companies.


Hitchcock, A. (Director). (1963). The birds [Film]. Universal Pictures.