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What can I borrow and for how long?

Graduate/Undergraduate Students, Faculty, and Staff 

  • Books, audio visual, software, and government documents: 6 months (1 renewal)
  • Reserves: 1 day-3 day (No renewals) 
  • Interlibrary Loans: 4 weeks (1 renewal for specific libraries only) 
  • Laptops & small A/V equipment: 7 days (1 renewal) 

(House of Learning Library A/V equipment includes: Digital and video cameras, projectors and screens, tripods, digital voice recorders and a speaker phone pod.)

Alumni and Community Borrowers

Alumni and Community borrowers are entitled to borrow materials from the TRU campus library.  TRU Interlibrary loan service, recalls, equipment, and remote access to licensed materials (article database, e-journals, e-books, etc.) are not available to Alumni or Community Borrowers. See the Alumni and Community User Resources guide for open databases for Alumni and Community Borrowers.

Who can borrow Library materials?

  • All full- and part-time students, faculty, and staff with a valid TRU Campus ID Card
  • Emeritus faculty
  • Adjunct faculty- need permission documents
  • Retired staff and faculty- physical items only, no databases
  • Visiting scholars- need permission documents
  • Students and faculty from other Canadian universities and colleges, if eligible under CPSLD or CURBA  reciprocal borrowing
  • Research Assistants employed by TRU faculty- need permission documents



TRU Library charges fines on the following items: 

  • Lost items: fine to be determined by the item, contact Library staff 
  • Reserves: $2.00 per hour overdue
  • A/V equipment: $2.00 per hour overdue
  • Laptops: $2.00 per hour overdue
  • Inter-Library Loans (overdue): to be determined by lending library 
  • Items that have been recalled for other patrons: $2.00 per day overdue

Due date reminders

The Library emails reminders to patrons three days, and a day before items are due. Emails are sent to TRU email addresses and it is the patron’s responsibility to check this email address. 

Overdue notices

The Library emails overdue notices when items are overdue. While there are no overdue fines for regular items (see list of exceptions above), if an item has not been returned or renewed within 21 days, it is assumed lost, and a bill for $100 per item will be charged

NOTE: Library accounts with $10 or more will not be able to checkout items. Fines also affect ability to register for courses, order transcripts, and graduate. 

Payment options

  • Interac or credit card (Visa or Mastercard), no cash
  • By phone: Payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). 


To discuss a fine or other charges, contact the Library  


When an item you need is checked out to someone else, you can place a request to "recall" it.  This will trigger an email to the library user to whom the item is checked out, instructing them to return it to the Library. 

Recalled items will be due 2 weeks after a recall (hold) is placed, unless the minimum guaranteed loan length has not been reached. The minimum guaranteed loan length for standard recalled items is 2 weeks for all Library users. 

NOTE: Late fines will be assessed at $2 per day for recalled items that are not returned on time. 

How to Recall an Item 

  1. Find the item you need in the Discover layer (the library website search bar).  If the item is "on loan', it can be recalled. 
  2. Click the "request this item” (located on the left-hand side of the item record in Discover). 
  3. Input your TRU ID, network ID, and select how you want to access: Pick up, scan to me, or ship to me. 
  4. Click Submit. 
  5. The minimum guaranteed loan length for standard recalled items is 2 weeks for all library users. 

How to get a Library Card

Kamloops or Williams Lake Students

Your TRU Campus ID card (TID) is your library card. You must present your TID card every time you wish to borrow materials from the library. 

  • Kamloops students can get a TRU Campus ID card information HERE
  • Williams Lake students can get their TRU Campus Card information HERE

NOTE: Student library accounts expire at the end of August. Returning students are automatically reactivated in early September. 

Distance, Regional, and Open Learning Students

Students at a distance can use the “request this item” function in the library Discover service catalogue

If you prefer to check materials out in person at the TRU Kamloops or Williams Lake Libraries, the library circulation desk will provide you with a "distance" library card. 

Open Learning Students

New TRU-OL students are loaded into the library system weekly. Accounts automatically expire after 365 days If you register for another TRU-OL course, you may need to contact the Library to have your account reactivated. If you have not received an email activating your account or if your account has expired, please fill out this online form.

Faculty & Staff

Your TRU Campus ID card (TID) is your library card. You must present your TID card every time you wish to borrow materials from the library. 

Faculty & Staff library accounts expire annually. Returning faculty, staff and administrators with expired library accounts must bring a valid TRU Campus ID Card to the Library to have their account reactivated. 

Faculty, Open Learning & IDG Contracts 

Request an account or an account renewal via this online form.

NOTE: If you do not have a TRU employee number, please put your status (i.e., course writer for X course) in the employee number field.