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Creating an Academic Poster: Tips and Tricks

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Typefaces and Font Sizes

General guidelines:

  • use one, or a maximum of two, typefaces
  • choose suitable font sizes for titles, body copy, etc. (see suggested ranges below) and use them consistently
  • if you use bold, italics, or underline, use them consistently
  • check if the conference or event has specific guidelines for formatting posters and follow them

Suggested ranges for font sizes of different poster sections (Remember, a typical academic poster, when printed, is MUCH larger than a laptop screen!):

  • poster title: 80-150 pts (bold recommended)
  • author name(s): 54-60 pts
  • headings: 36-40 pts
  • body text: 24-32 pts
  • figure captions: 18 pts


Example academic poster presented at the TRU 2020 Teaching Practices Colloquium

Serif vs sans serif typefaces

serif and sans serif typeface examples







Typeface examples image