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Creating an Academic Poster: Tips and Tricks

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Citing Your Sources

  • As with research papers, it is important to give credit to sources referred to in an academic poster, i.e. books, articles, newspapers, websites, images, etc.
  • Refer to the citation guides from the link below for examples of how to cite different types of sources in different styles.
  • Generally speaking, choose the citation style for the discipline your poster represents. For example, with a science poster you might use CSE style; for the disciplines of Education or Social Work, APA; for History, Chicago style, etc.
  • Important: If you have any doubts about which citation style to use, consult with your faculty supervisor.

Citation Guides

Best Practices for Citing Images: SFU Guide

This guide from SFU shows some best practices for citing images in APA, MLA, and CSE styles.