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Academic Posters

Software recommendations

Powerpoint is a very easy software to use as the Microsoft interface is familiar and easy to navigate.  Microsoft has many great templates for slides that can be used for posters. 

When using powerpoint, be sure to set the slide size to the actual size of the printable poster.  This way you avoid images or text that is stretched out or pixelated.

Microsoft – very user friendly options
  • PowerPoint *my personal option
  • Publisher
Adobe – will require training
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator

PowerPoint Pro Tips!

Before you add any content to your slide, first adjust your slide to the dimensions for your poster.  This ensures that the final product (the printed poster) will look exactly as you designed it and not distorted or blurry.

  1. Open up PowerPoint and choose a 'blank' slide.
  2. On the navigation bar, bring the "Design" ribbon to the forward.

  3. Choose "Slide Size" and select "Custom Slide Size"

  4. In the Slide Size dialogue window, enter in the size of the poster.  48" wide and 36" high

  5. Now you can begin the design process and add content to your poster.

How to prevent your text boxes from autosizing

When you draw your text boxes on your slide, putting text in those text boxes can change the shape of the textbox.  To prevent the text box from changing shape, lock the text box. Right mouse click on your text box, choose "format shape", select "size & properties", open "text box" section and select "Do not Autofit".