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Theses & Dissertations

This guide outlines tools that are available to help students and faculty locate theses and dissertations.

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Welcome to the library resources guide for students and faculty who are looking for theses and dissertations. 

The purpose of this guide is to highlight some of the key resources that are available to locate academic theses and dissertations.

About Theses & Dissertations

Using Theses & Dissertations in Your Research

Theses and dissertations are a category of scholarship which presents a student's intensive original research and findings on a topic which is meant to demonstrate the author's readiness to contribute to the discourse of a discipline. It is usually submitted for an advanced degree (i.e., Master's or Ph.D.) or other academic qualification.

Theses and dissertations may provide an introduction to existing scholarship in a given area through the literature reviews that the papers often include, as well as an awareness of emerging trends through the innovative work of their authors.

Writing a Thesis, Dissertation or Major Paper

Here are some books about how to write thesis, dissertations, and major papers.  Please note: E-Books are restricted to current TRU students, staff and faculty.

Find Theses & Dissertations


ProQuest Dissertations and Theses

Canada Theses Portal

Open Access Theses

To find and read the full text of open access theses and dissertations, check out:

Other Sources

  • Use these sources to identify theses/dissertations. Then, request these items via interlibrary loan.

Requesting Theses

Interlibrary Loans

  • TRU faculty, staff and students may request a loan through the university's Interlibrary Loans department
  • Many libraries restrict the circulation of their bound theses and dissertations
  • Availability and format sent is dependent on the circulation policy of the holding library
  • Requests can take 3-5 weeks to fill
  • Note: Use the "Request a Book" form

ProQuest Dissertation Express

  • Theses and dissertations which are not available online or for loan, may be purchased directly (by you) from Dissertation Express.


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