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Research Data Management at TRU

Upcoming Workshops

Fall 2023: TRU Library Workshops

These two workshops are online and will be recorded. Find other TRU Library workshops here:

Get Started with Data Management Planning. Data Management Plans (DMPs) are a useful tool that will help you manage your research data throughout the entire research lifecycle. If you have never created a DMP before, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of information about the different elements that make up the plan. This session will cover the key information you need to get started with your DMP, good data management practices that will save you and your team valuable time, and strategies for storing your data and sharing it with the research community.

Get Started with Depositing Data in Borealis. Borealis, the Canadian Dataverse Repository, is a bilingual, multi-disciplinary, secure, Canadian research data repository, supported by academic libraries and research institutions across Canada. Researchers affiliated with TRU can deposit their data into Borealis to meet funder requirements and increase citations of their data and research. This information session will introduce you to Borealis and how you can get started using Borealis to deposit your data.

Other Upcoming RDM Workshops

Research Data Management Webinar: Overview of the Data Management Plan Assistant. Registration and more details forthcoming.

Request a Workshop or Consultation

If your department, research team, or just you have questions about RDM or DMP, or would like an overview of any of the topics on this guide, we can schedule a workshop or consultation with you. Contact Erin or Evelyn to schedule. These can be either in person or online.

RDM Workshop Slides

Workshop Recordings

The below video is a recorded walkthrough of creating a Data Management Plan:

This next video contains tips and tricks for naming and organizing your digital folders and files.

Workshops from other institutions