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Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review's (HBR) restrictive licensing prohibits the "posting of cases, articles, or chapters on 'e-reserve' course pages for student access, as well [as] link[ing] to our digitized content and content postings on course management systems such as [Moodle]". (

In addition, HBR maintains a list of the 500 most popular articles that changes yearly. These articles are further restricted to "read-only" status; they cannot be downloaded or printed, and can only be read online.

This guide will take you through the steps of searching for articles in HBR, accessing and downloading articles, and identifying the HBR top 500 restricted access articles.

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Use this search box to find Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles. You can either search for articles using keywords, or by exact title. Place the title in quotation marks for fast results.