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Study Abroad

This guide gives you information about study abroad programs, destinations, what it's like to live abroad, and resources to use while you're away.

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The Return on Investment of Studying Abroad

Study Abroad Infographic

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Study Abroad

Are you thinking about studying abroad?  Studying abroad can take many forms, including exchanges and field schools.  This guide will share some resources which will help you make your decision about studying abroad, where to go, what to expect, and how to make the most of your study abroad experience.

There are three ways to study abroad:

TRU Student Exchange Programs

TRU Field Schools

Other Study, Volunteer, & Work Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs

TRU Study Abroad Overview

TRU Study Abroad Program allow students to live and study in a different country for one or two semesters!  All the credits earned while studying abroad will transfer back to your TRU transcript.  As well, you will receive an official transcript from the host university.

Benefits gained from Studying Abroad:

  • Academic credit transfers back to your TRU transcript
  • Graduate with a "SUPER DEGREE"
  • Learn a new language through intense language study and immersion
  • Develop Intercultural Communication skills
  • Build self-esteem and confidence
  • Experience residental status versus just being a "tourist"
  • Discover what you really want in life
  • Expand career opportunities
  • Increase your employability skills
  • Build a network of international contacts
  • Understand how to live abroad safely and positively
  • Build a resume, including experience that positions you favourably in the ex-patriate community

TRU Global Competency

Global Competency: Recognizing Future Global Leaders

TRU Global Competency allows students to earn formal recognition for their intercultural and international experiences – from Study Abroad, to learning a second language, to volunteer work. 

TRU Exchange Programs

TRU Student Exchange Programs

You don't need to have travelled extensively and/or be enrolled in an international major to study in another part of the world!

TRU students can participate in the exchange program for credit and towards fulfilling degree goals with many programs being taught in English.   

Exchanges are open to all students who are:

  • Registered full time at TRU (3-course minimum) with a GPA of 2.5 or better
  • Currently participating in diploma or undergrad studies
  • International students
  • Students with a solid academic history with TRU who elect to take a semester off in order to strengthen their economic position prior to doing a Study Abroad...   It is recommended that students consult with the Study Abroad Office regarding this option to obtain pre-clearance for this course of action

For more information, visit the TRU Study Abroad website.

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TRU Field Schools

TRU Field Schools

TRU offers a number of general and program specific Field Schools every year.  A Field School is a TRU course, led by a TRU academic, that takes a group of students to another country for study as a group.  Because Field Schools  take place outside the traditional classroom, they supplement  a student's academic training with hands-on experience in another culture or environment.

Field Schools normally run from two to six weeks in length and offer course credit that can be applied to your degree program. Some Field School courses are open to students across a wide range of degrees and programs.  Most Field Schools operate during May through August.

For more information, check out the TRU Field Schools page.

Other Ways to Travel

Other Study Abroad Programs

These are just some of the Canadian and international organization providing study abroad experiences, as well as paid work and volunteer projects.

Volunteer & Work Abroad Programs

If you're thinking about volunteering abroad, check out The Complete Guide to Volunteer Tourism; it discusses how to evaluate the volunteer travel programs you may be considering.

TRU Global Competency

Global Competency: Recognizing Future Global Leaders

TRU Global Competency allows students to earn formal recognition for their intercultural and international experiences – from Study Abroad, to learning a second language, to volunteer work. 


Travel Reports & Warnings

Study Abroad Magazines

Where in the World...

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Travel Research Links


Foreign Consulates in Canada

Here is a listing of foreign consulates in Canada; you will need to contact consular services of the country you are visiting in order to obtain your visa for that country.

Travel Tips

Before You Go

Travel Tips

International Student Identity Card

Living Abroad




Library Research Abroad

While You're Away

While you're abroad, you will need to log in to access TRU Library resources. 

This guide details the login steps:

Off-Campus Connection to Library Resources

Studying While Abroad

While studying abroad, you will have access to the library collections and resources of the institution where you are studying.  But you may still wish to access the resources you have been using at the TRU library.  As a TRU student, you have access to the library's collections and services from wherever you're studying.  These include the library catalogue, ebooks, article indexes and databases, and other online reference sources.

Feel free to contact any of our friendly librarians by chat or email if you have questions.  Just remember, you may be in a different time zone now!

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