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Borrowing Policies

Interlibrary Loans: TRU Students, Faculty, & Staff

Who is eligible?

TRU students, faculty, and staff with a current TRU Library account in good standing are eligible to request interlibrary loans (ILLs). NOTE:  Alumni and community members can access interlibrary loan services through their local public library.

What can be borrowed?

The ILL department can obtain the following materials: 

  • Books (excluding textbooks) 
  • Copies of journal/magazine/newspaper articles 
  • Microform/microfiche 
  • Theses and dissertations 
  • Conference proceedings 
  • Items officially missing from the TRU Library collection 

NOTE: This service is to support research, employment, and course work at TRU. Please place requests for personal reading materials with your local public library. 


  • Articles/book chapters required in less than 4 work days will be cancelled.  
  • Books or videos required in less than 7 days will be cancelled.  
  • TRU will only pay up to $25 per item. 
  • ILL requests are subject to the University's Fair Dealing Policy. Material provided through Interlibrary Loan must be used solely by you for the purpose of private study, research, criticism, and review. TRU Interlibrary Loan Services cannot order the following: 
  • more than one article from the same issue of a journal 
  • copies that comprise more than 10% of a published work. 
  • Requests for required/recommended textbooks will be cancelled. 
  • NOTE: ILL requests which exceed copyright limitations will be cancelled. 

How do I place an interlibrary loan (ILL) request?

  • To place an interlibrary loan (ILL) request, you will need your Library password and PIN.
  • Most PINs are set, by default, to the account holder's birthday: YYMMDD.
  • To check your PIN, contact the library by email at
  • Distance, Regional, and Open Learning (DROL) students/faculty should contact DROL Library services by email at
  1. To place an ILL request, use your TRU Library account information to logon to the form.
  2. Under “Add Request” on the left-hand side of the screen, click on the type of item you would like to request (e.g., book, article).
  3. Fill out the needed information (* denotes a required field). 
  4. Click the “This item is request solely for use …” check box. 
  5. Click on “Submit” 

How do I request theses & dissertations? 

For more information about finding theses and dissertations, see the TRU Library guide: Theses & Dissertations.

Where do I pick up my item(s)?

NOTE: Campus ID is required for pickup.

  • Kamloops students: House of Learning Library Information Desk
  • Williams Lake students: Library Information Desk
  • Distance, Regional & Open Learning students: Item(s) will be sent to you according to your selected delivery method (i.e., courier or pick up in person).
  • Kamloops Faculty: September-April: Delivered via interoffice mail or pickup at House of Learning Library Information Desk. May-August: House of Learning Library Information Desk
  • Williams Lake Faculty: September-April: Delivered via interoffice mail or pickup at Library Information Desk. May-August: Library Information Desk

Where do I return items?

  • Kamloops Campus: House of Learning Library Information Desk or the book return located at the northeast corner of the House of Learning Building. 
  • Williams Lake Campus: Library Information Desk 
  • Distance, Regional & Open Learning: If you had the item courier to you, please use the prepaid courier return label that was included in your package to return the items to the TRU Library's DROL department. 

Interlibrary Loans: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use my TRU email? 

All official TRU Library notices (i.e., due date reminders, hold available notices, ILL request confirmations, ILL requested item available notices, etc.) are sent to TRU email accounts. Please check your TRU account regularly for library notices OR set up your TRU email account to forward messages automatically to the email account of your choice. 

Why was my ILL request cancelled? 

Your ILL request may have been cancelled for any of the following reasons:

  • The item is needed in less than 4 days (articles/book chapters) or 7 days (books) 
  • The request is for material that the TRU Library does not request via ILL. These include: 
  • items already in TRU's collection 
  • the item is already checked out to someone else, please click “Request this item.” 
  • textbooks 
  • entire volumes or issues of a journal or magazine 
  • books intended to be placed on Reserve or are currently on Reserve
  • reference works 
  • sound recordings 
  • rare, valuable, or fragile items 
  • the library cannot locate the item at another library 
  • the request is incorrect or incomplete 

What happens if I lose or damage ILL material? 

If you lose or damage material acquired via interlibrary loan, you will be responsible for paying any replacement charges and processing fees levied by the lending library. 

What happens if I receive a "recall" on my ILL? 

If the lending library recalls material before the assigned due date, TRU Library will notify you about the new due date for your item. Items must be returned by the new specified due date. 

What are the fines for overdue ILLs? 

$2/day per item 

NOTE: TRU Library is borrowing material on your behalf. If the material is returned late, TRU Library may lose its borrowing privileges with the lending institutions for everyone else and you may lose your ILL borrowing privileges.

Interlibrary Loans: Information for Other Libraries 

How do I make an ILL request?

Log into Relais to make a request via our web pages: Institutional LoginNOTE: Contact the ILL Department for an institutional login and password. 

Items available for loan: 

  • Books 
  • Microfilm/microfiche (only between May 1 and August 30) 
  • Government documents 

Items available for copy/scan: 

  • Periodical articles 
  • Book chapters 
  • Reference materials 
  • Copies from microfilm/microfiche

Items NOT available for loan:

  • maps 
  • reference materials 
  • reserve materials 
  • sound recordings 
  • special collections 
  • video recordings 
  • software 
  • Submitting Requests 
  • OCLC: CN5CF 
  • LAC: BKCC 

Please submit via: 

  • ISO ILL protocol messages (contact us for details) 
  • Generic Script email 
  • OCLC (IFM billing) 
  • Relais Institutional form (contact us for an account) 
  • We do not provide rush service


For Profit Libraries (i.e. Corporate Libraries)

  • Copies: $25
  • Loans: $25

Not for Profit Libraries - Canada (does not apply to BC public libraries or to libraries within the BC-ELN, COPPUL, OCUL, BCI, and CAUL-CBUA consortial networks)

  • Copies: $10
  • Loans: $10

Not for Profit Libraries - Outside Canada 

  • Copies: $15
  • Loans: $15

Borrowing at Other Libraries: COPPUL & CPSLD

Through the Library's memberships in COPPUL (Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries) and CPSLD (Council of Post-Secondary Library Directors), TRU Library participates in a reciprocal borrowing program which allows current TRU faculty, staff, and students to borrow materials directly from all academic libraries that participate in the program. 

Which libraries participate in the Reciprocal Borrowing Program?

For a complete list of participating libraries, see: CPSLD Website: Reciprocal Borrowing and CURBA Participating Libraries.

What do I need to borrow from other institutions? 

If you are visiting a CPSLD library, you just need to present your valid TRU Campus ID card or proof of registration at TRU.  

If you are visiting a COPPUL/CURBA library, you will need to obtain a COPPUL card from the TRU Library before you can borrow material from a CURBA library. This card serves as your introduction to other libraries. You will need to present your COPPUL Card and your TRU student card (or proof of registration/employment at TRU) at the Circulation Desk of the library you wish to use, and they will issue you a borrowing card for use at their library. The lending library may put some restrictions on what or how much you can borrow. Each lending library has their own policies. It is a good idea to telephone the other library that you wish to visit before going. 

Who is eligible to apply for a COPPUL Card? 

Currently enrolled TRU students and currently employed TRU staff and faculty whose TRU library accounts are in good standing.

How do I apply for a COPPUL Card? 

Please contact the Reference Desk at your campus to check for eligibility and obtain a card. Students taking distance, regional, or open learning courses should contact TRU Library Distance, Regional & Open Learning (DROL) Library Services.

What happens when I present my COPPUL card and/or TRU Campus ID Card to the other library? 

The library may issue you a library card or an account number. Each library has its own policies and procedures. It is a good idea to telephone the other library before going. 

What if I'm visiting several COPPUL/CURBA or CPSLD libraries? 

You can use the same COPPUL Card at each library that you visit.

Can I access the other libraries' online databases from TRU or my home? 

No, the reciprocal loan program does not allow for remote access of another institution's licensed databases. It is up to the library you are visiting to determine if you can access the databases while you are visiting their campus.

What happens if I lose a book or return a book late? 

You are responsible for all fines incurred at the library you are visiting. If your account at the TRU Library or another CURBA/CPSLD library becomes delinquent your reciprocal borrowing (i.e., CURBA) privileges will be suspended.

Where do I return my books? 

You can return the books directly to the CURBA/CPSLD library that you borrowed them from, or you can drop your books off at the TRU Library. Please make sure to give the TRU Library enough time to ship materials through Canada Post. For example, if your books are due on Saturday, please return them to the TRU Library by Monday, at the latest. TRU Library is not responsible for any fines incurred due to shipping delays, strikes, statutory holidays, etc.