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Introduction to Business Research

This is a guide to accompany a workshop designed to familiarize students with some of the resources and services available to business students.


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Welcome to the library resources guide for the Introduction to Business Research Workshop.

The purpose of this workshop is to familiarize students with some of the resources and services available to business students.

Article Databases

Best Bets

Other Suggestions

Differences Between Scholarly Articles & Popular Articles

Scholarly vs. Popular



Intended Audience


General public

People working in the field



Credentials transparent

Professional writers/Journalists

Credentials less clear

Article Selection

Editorial board of researchers/academics

Peer-review committee

Editor assigns or chooses


Relay information about original research

Relay general information



Bibliography/in-text citations

Very short or no bibliography


May promote upcoming conferences

Very few, if any, commercial ads

General or related to industry


Serious title, plain


Eye-catching title

Glossy, colorful graphics

Writing style/format



Formal style, terminology specific to field

No abstract

More free-flowing

Informal, general language

Sample Articles

Sample Articles

Industry and Company Information


Finding Industry and Company Information in Business Source Complete

Finding Industry & Company Info in LexisNexis

Company Information

Below are two different ways to obtain company information:

First method

1. In the main search bar, enter the word company followed by the company name in brackets: company(starbucks)

2. Click Search

3. Under "Sources by Category", expand (click +) "Company Directories & Profiles"


4. Company Profiles such as GlobalData, Hoover's, and Standard & Poor's are excellent sources of company information including SWOT analyses, financials, executive profiles, history, news, etc.



Second method

1. On homepage of LexisNexis, click the "Get Company Info" tab.

2. Enter the company name and click "Go".

3. Choose and click link for "Parent" company.


4. Click on links on left side to find company information, SEC filings, financial overview, industry comparisons, and more. Find a snapshot of the company in the main window, which includes company description, financials, executive lists, and more.


Industry Information

1. To obtain industry overviews, click the "Get Company Info" tab on LexisNexis homepage.

2. Click "Company dossier" link.

3. Click on "Industry" tab, enter full or partial industry name, click search.

4. Choose an industry, and click the link.


5. Find overview in main window, including industry description, top companies, ratios, and stock charts. Find recent industry news and reports in links on left side of page.

Other Useful Sites

Citation Guides

Common Citation Styles


In-class instruction evaluation