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TRU Undergraduate Research Conference 2023: Home

Information about the 2023 TRU Undergraduate Research & Innovation Conference

Welcome to the 2023 TRU Undergraduate Research and Innovation Conference

Welcome to the 2023 TRU Undergraduate Research & Innovation Conference. The 18th annual conference will take place March 20-24, 2023. Below you will find: 

  • The schedule for 2 virtual lecture sessions, and links to REGISTER for those sessions; come listen to students give 12-minute presentations about their work, and then answer your questions. 
  • The times for 2 in-person poster sessions and a list of which posters will be avaiable for viewing; plan on coming by the House of Learning's 1st floor Learning Commons to see the posters and talk with some of the student researchers. Snacks will be available, and no pre-registration is required; just come by and take a look!
  • Poster abstracts and virutal posters are available for many of the posters listed below for online viewing throughout the week. 

All parts of the conference are free to attend, and open to all members of the TRU and Kamloops community. 

Questions can be directed to Elizabeth Rennie, 

2023 Undergraduate Conference Virtual Lecture Schedule

Lectures have been organized into 2 sessions. Students will present for 12 minutes each. Once all students have presented their research, the session moderator will lead a question and answer period, taking audience questions for the students from the Teams chat. Please REGISTER for the sessions at the links below; your immediate confirmation emails will include the links to the live virtual sessions. 

SESSION A: Wednesday March 22, 4:00 - 5:30pm

Please REGISTER at

  • Kiara McDonald: Broadcasting in networks: Searching for optimal coverings and packings (Supervisor: Richard Brewster)
  • Abu Harera Nadeem: Characterization of UV resistant molecule(s) in Trembling Aspen tree powder (Supervisors: Natasha Ramroop Singh and Kingsley Donkor)
  • Nehemie Nguimbous: Numerical approximation of the Riemann-Liouville integral (Supervisor: Yana Nec)
  • Olivia Rose Roberts: The Hidden world of Fine Art comics: The Evolution of Fine Art narratives (Supervisor: Darlene Kalynka)
  • Hannah Valihora: A feminist analysis of endometriosis discourse: Experiences of disempowerment and dismissal, and moving towards an ethics of care for endometriosis patients (Supervisors: Rochelle Stevenson and Jenny Shaw)

SESSION B:Thursday March 23, 3:00 - 4:30pm

Please REGISTER at

  • Kelsey Cruz: Effect of antimicrobial copper on microorganism growth in non-clinical settings (Supervisors: Naowarat Cheeptham and Joanna Urban)
  • Emily Dagasso: Synthesis off first-row transition metal catalysts for alkene hydroamination (Supervisor: Dipesh Prema)
  • Kiera Duffy: The Crimes of the unidentified; A Need for The typography for child victims of exploitation (Supervisor: Heather Price)
  • Shams Khan and Ehsan Mamatjan: AI and IoT based prediction, explanation, and monitoring system for ischemic stroke (Supervisor: Yasin Mamatjan)


Poster Session A: Wednesday March 22, 11am - 3:30pm, House of Learning 1st floor Learning Commons

Poster Session B: Thursday March 23, 10am - 2:30pm, House of Learning 1st floor Learning Commons