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TRUSpace: TRU's open access digital archive

Scholarly Communications Librarian

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Erin May
HL 438
Subjects: Education, Social Work

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What is TRUSpace?

TRUSpace is TRU’s own institutional repository. TRUSpace stores and makes available the research and resources that make TRU unique.

Open Access and TRUSpace: Items submitted to TRUSpace are made available Open Access (OA). Therefore, items submitted to TRUSpace this meets all OA mandates from granting agencies. If your funder requires that your research and/or research data is made available OA, contact the TRUSpace administrator to submit it to TRUSpace.

Collection criteria:

Faculty Work: Faculty are encouraged to submit their papers, research data, or other types of work to TRUSpace, provided that any publisher (i.e. the journal) allows research to be deposited into an institutional repository, and that any data can be shared OA (i.e. it does not have sensitive data within).

Student Work: Successfully defended graduate and undergraduate theses may be submitted to TRUSpace. Submissions instructions can be found on the Submissions & Licenses page. Other student work, including graduate capstone projects, directed studies papers, or other high quality assignments, can also be submitted with instructor or supervisor approval.

Open Educational Resources: We encourage the submission of open educational resources (OERs) to TRUSpace that have been created or edited by TRU faculty. They can be in TRUSpace even if they are also posted in a different location, and many media types are accepted.  

TRU historical documents and photographs: TRUSpace has several collections of documents and photos from TRU’s 50 year history, including academic calendars, newsletters, and reports. Decisions about new items of this nature will be made on a case by case basis.

The goals of TRUSpace are to:

  • Enhance the visibility and reach of Thompson River University's scholarship
  • Provide free, open and timely access to TRU scholarship
  • Preserve and provide long-term access to this digital content
  • Encourage scholarly collaboration within TRU and with others
  • Capture examples of TRU's community engagement