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Searching Tips

Search phrases where possible for more accurate results. Put quotation marks around words to make it a phrase.  IE "emergency room" instead of emergency room.   This is very good for searching personal names.

Use wildcards to search for variations of a word.  IE nurs* will show results for nursing, nurse, nursery etc.

Use OR to search for similar concepts.  IE "young adult" OR teenager OR juvenile OR minor

Nursing resources to start with



Web Sites

British Columbia & Canada


Health Statistics

APA citation style

RefWorks - Citation Manager

RefWorks is a web-based citation management system that allows you to collect and store citations, as well as generate in-text citations and create a bibliography.  

NOTE: RefWorks is hosted on a US server and does not comply with  BC's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) which  requires that the mandated use of systems located outside of Canada must be with prior written consent if the user has to provide personal information.

Grey Literature

What is Grey Literature and how do you search it?

Grey Literature is a body of materials that cannot be found easily through conventional channels such as publishers or commercial databases.  The reason for this is that publishing is not the primary activity of the producing body.   

This body of literature could be conference proceeding, reports  from governmental or NGO agencies or even websites.

Grey Literature is a potential useful source of material, if you are prepared to do the extra work to use it.   Typically grey literature has to be searched using multiple tools.  The links below contain links to specific sites and search tools to find grey literature.

Google Scholar is a sub set of the Google web search engine that indexes the full text and metadata of scholarly literature.  It supports a large number of publishing formats and disciplines.  A great deal of grey literature sits on freely accessible academic servers.

Grey Matters, from From CADTH, is a tool for searching health-related grey literature.

This is a good starting point produced by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

A similar resource from New York University. 

Reserves for Nursing

E-Reserves: ENG 100 - English Test Class / Test Tester / Training Term 2020

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