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BIOL: SITT Group Bibliography Assignment Guide


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Elizabeth Rennie
House of Learning 448

Library Lab Exercise

Library Lab Exercise

This exercise is designed to prepare students for the SITT Group Bibliography assignment. You will have time to work through the exercise during the Library Lab session at the House of Learning Library.


Examine each of the sources in the "List of sources" below, then use the "Flowchart" (see below) to determine if each source is:

  • non-academic
  • academic but not peer reviewed
  • academic peer reviewed primary source
  • academic peer reviewed secondary source

List of sources:

  1. Wikipedia Article on Grizzly Bears
  2. Time-Delayed Subsidies: Interspecies Population Effects in Salmon
  3. Helping Pacific Salmon Survive the Impact of Climate Change on Freshwater Habitats: Case Studies: Perspectives from the Okanagan, Quesnel, Nicola, Cowichan, Nass, and Englishman River Watersheds
  4. Salmon: Biology, Ecological Impacts and Economic Importance
  5. Phenology in freshwaters: a review and recommendations for future research



Use this flowchart to help you determine the type of a source (non-academic, academic non-peer reviewed, academic peer reviewed primary source, or academic peer reviewed secondary source).

Flowchart image