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CHEMISTRY 4600 Winter 2019

Course Guide for Sharon Brewer's Class

Helpful Definitions for Students

These definitions are useful for the peer-reviewed / non peer reviewed exercise and for evaluating sources of periodical articles.


A publication with a distinctive title, which appears in successive numbers or parts at stated or regular intervals and which is intended to continue indefinitely. Usually each issue contains articles written by different contributors. Includes journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters sold by subscription or at bookstores and other vendors.


A journal is a periodical, especially one that deals with a specialized subject, e.g. Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Peer Reviewed (Academic/Scholarly)

The process that an article goes through before being published in a scholarly journal. Researchers/academics submit articles to a scholarly journal, and experts in the field evaluate the article to determine if it falls within the scope of the publication, and examine the article’s originality, quality of research, clarity of presentation etc. Articles also described as refereed or scholarly.

Magazine (Popular)

A popular interest periodical usually containing articles on a variety of topics, written by various authors in a non-scholarly style.  Most magazines are heavily illustrated, containing advertising and are printed on glossy paper.  Articles are usually short, frequently unsigned, and do not include a bibliography or references for further readings.  Most magazines are issued monthly or weekly and are for sale at newsstands, in bookstores, in grocery stores or by subscription.  

Trade Publication

A periodical that focuses on the interests of a trade or industry.  Trade publications may include all or some of the following: news items, articles, description of goods and products, statistical data, personal notes, activities, etc.