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STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

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Because the full text of books can't be searched, unlike articles, it can be harder to find books that are on the subject you are looking for.

A good way to find books is to search in Discover by subject; that way, you know the book you find is about the particular topic.

Here are some examples of subjects you can search to find books about STEM Education:

  • STEM Education
  • Science -- Study and Teaching
    • follow link for an example: check off the filter "print books" on the side to find what books we have with this subject!
  • Technology -- Study and Teaching
  • Engineering -- Study and Teaching
  • Mathematics -- Study and Teaching

These subjects are sometimes broken down further. For example: "Science -- study and teaching (secondary)".

Look at the subjects of books that are useful to you to get more subjects; in Discover, you can click on these subjects to run a search.

Where are the STEM Education Books?

Because of the way the library's organization system (Library of Congress Classification) works, the books for STEM Education are in two places:

  • With science books 
  • With education books
    in the House of Learning library (HOL)

When you find a book in Discover, be sure to check where it is located before you go to the library to make sure you look in the right place!

Browsing the library shelves is a great way to find good books. Look on the shelf near a book you found that was useful; nearby books might also have chapters of interest.

Here are the main call number areas that you can browse in to find STEM Education books:

  • Q 181 - Q 199 
  • LB 1585 - LB 1588 

Background and Contextual Information

To get some contextual background information on your topic, add:

AND (encyclopedia OR handbook)

to your basic search in Discover, then limit to books. This will give you resources that will help you formulate your specific topic and get some background knowledge.

Click here for an example search.

The below lists of resources will help you get started on a particular topic.

Books to Get You Started