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STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

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Article Tips

  • Look at the journal title: is this a journal that focuses on education or STEM education?
  • Look at the article's subjects:
    • do they describe what you are looking for?
    • can you use them to help you find more articles?
  • Skim the article's abstract and/or introduction: does it seem like it will cover what you require?

Article Databases

STEM Education Journals

Here are some recommended journals with STEM Education research. You can search the individual journals directly, browse through issues, or keep these titles in mind as you search Discover or one of the above databases.

From these links, click the "Full Text Access" dropdown to get links to the journal issues.

Journal Search Tip: Finding too many irrelevant articles? In advanced search of Discover or ERIC, add another search bar and search for (STEM OR science) AND education, then choose "SO: Journal Title/Source" from the dropdown. This will help limit your results to those that are from STEM education journals.