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Data Management Plan (DMP)

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Questions to ask yourself

Data Documentation

  • How will you be documenting your data and project?
  • What project and data identifiers will be assigned?
  • Is there a schema, ontological, or other metadata standard in your field for sharing data with others?

Document and Describe

Use metadata to increase discoverability. Metadata is “data about data“. Research data file metadata includes elements such as title, file format, language, creator and date. Metadata standards vary, but many data repositories, disciplines and organizations have developed specific metadata standards. For example:

  • Darwin Core describes biological diversity by providing reference definitions, examples, and commentaries
  • DDI (Data Documentation Initiative) describes data in the social and behavioural sciences
  • CASRAI (Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information) describes research administration information

The UK Digital Curation Centre (DCC) maintains a comprehensive list of metadata standards to help you find the most appropriate standard for your research data:

TRUSpace uses MODS.

If you are deciding which metadata standard to use, consult your liaison librarian or contact Kathy Gaynor, Scholarly Communications Librarian.