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Data Management Plan (DMP)

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Store and Backup

Ensure the safety of your data. Replacing it could be time-consuming, costly or impossible.

Your data management plan should include a plan for backing up your data on a regular basis. A best practice is to store three copies: -

  • the original
  • a copy kept on a local external device
  • a copy kept on an external device at a different location.

Include metadata and readme.txt files in your back ups. We recommend that you check with your IT Services to see what kind of storage and back up capacity they can provide.


Not every digital repository provides digital preservation.

Providing long-term access to research data is a team effort between researchers, librarians, archivists and an institution. Unlike backing up files, digital preservation involves special procedures, maintenance, and storage of research data, as described in the ISO 14721:2012 Open Archival Information System standard.

Contact Erin May to discuss long term archival preservation.