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CNIE - Beyond the Library's Walls: Social Media


We were the first acacemic library in Canada to have a presence on Facebook.

TRU Library Facebook

Admittedly, we had no idea what kind of service we would offer through this medium.  We simply wanted to explore a place where students were gathering.  Over the years this service has organically morphed from a service where we thought students would be interacting and engaging with the library (asking questions, liking posts,etc...) to a service that is mostly sharing library news items and promoting events.


In 2010, we reluctantly joined Twitter.  Relucatantly because virtually none of the library staff were using Twitter and didn't see how the library could engage with students in 140 characters or less! 

Four short years later, our Twitter account has more followers than our Facebook account and many of our tweets are re-tweeted by other units on campus, by Deans and by students.