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CNIE - Beyond the Library's Walls: Student Residences

Student Residences

Student Residence: when we decided to try meeting students where they quite literally lived, we decided to do so by offering mini-workshops in addition to just offering drop-in research help, so that there was something specific Residence Advisors could promote. Sessions were on Sunday evenings, at the advice of the Residence Life Coordinator; the Library worked with the Residence Life Coordinator to provide snacks and door prizes at the 1st session in Fall 2012, which 6 students attended. 

January 2013 and April 2013 attempts to repeat the event weren’t as successful; nobody attended, and when the librarian worked with a new Residence Life Coordinator to schedule two more workshops in Fall 2013, the food part was dropped, as it had been going to waste. 1 student attended one of the Fall 2013 sessions, and at that point the library was going to drop offering these sessions, as the initiative wasn’t working.

In Winter 2014, however, yet another Residence Life Coordinator approached the library about participating in an April study session – and while the library wasn’t planning on taking the lead in trying to make any more of these workshops happen, the fact that this request was initiated by Residence staff was enough for us to agree to give it another shot. Unfortunately the evening scheduled happened to also be the night of the annual athletes awards banquet (which we’d have known, had we again been working more closely with the PACE program during this semester!) so many students living in residence had other plans; we did still assist 2 students with their research.