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ACS: American Chemical Society Citation Style

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About Conferences and Meetings

When you are referencing work presented at conferences and meetings can be confusing.  Treat these references case-by-case.   There are three types of citations possible for referencing these works:

  • full citations of pubished absctracts and proceedings similar to that of a book
  • CASSI citation of published abstracts and proceedings similar to that of a periodical (journal) citation
  • References to verbal presentations, posters, or demonstrations at meetings and conferences that may have handouts or brochures have no publication information

Full Citations

Though resembling the format of a book, additional information required includes meeting title, location, and dates.

Basic Format

Author 1; Author 2; etc. Title of Presentation. In Title of the Collected Work, Proceedings of the Name of the Meeting, Location of the Meeting, Date of Meeting; Editor 1, Editor 2, etc., Eds.; Publisher: Place of Publication, Year; Abstract Number, Pagination.


Garrone, R.; Ugliengo, P. In Structure and reactivity of Surfaces. Proceedings of the Eurpoean Conference, Trieste, Italy, Sep 13-20, 1988; Zecchina, A., Cost, G., Morterra, C. Eds.; Elsevier: Amsterdam, 1988.


CASSI Citations

Use CASSI to find proceedings and abstracts of meetings and conferences.  CASSI indexes in a format as follows:  Abstr. Pap.-AM. Chem. Soc., 1989, 198

CASSI provides the meeting number in ordinal form.  You must convert this to an italic cardinal number and use it as the volume number.


Kaplan, L.J.; Selder, A. Books of Abstracts, 213th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 13-17, 1997; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1997; CHED-824.

Handouts or Brochures

Basic Format

Author 1; Author 2; etc. Title of Presentation (if any). Presented at Conference Title, Place, Date; Paper Number.


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