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ACS: American Chemical Society Citation Style

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General Formatting


  • When listing publisher's names, delete words such as "Company", Inc.", "Publisher"
  • Book titles appear in italics in list and are underlined in the manuscript
  • use abbreviations as follows:

Fully Spell Out These Words

  • Abstract
  • Chapter
  • Paper
  • Part

Abbreviate These Words

  • Editor - editors Eds., Eds.
  • Numbers - No.
  • Page, pages, with periods - p., pp
  • Specific Volume - Vol.
  • Number of volumes - vols.

Books Written by an Organization or Committee

You  may find a book written by an organization or committee without identifying author(s).  Use acronyms only for very well know orgnaization.  When the orgnaization is the publisher it is not necessary to repeat the publisher's name.

Organizations publish periodicals (journals) as well as books.

Book Format

 American Chemical Society, Committee on Analytical Reagents. Reagent Chemicals: Specifications and Procedures, 10th ed. Washington, DC, 2006.

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American Chemical Society Style Guide

QD 8.5 .A25 2006