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ACS: American Chemical Society Citation Style

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Understanding the Basics

You will most likely be using many resources found online or available only in electronic format.  This guide presents the basic prinicples of citation and attempts to reflect the changes in conventions for citing electronic resources. The basic principles remain the same:

  • provide enough documentation to establish identity and authority of the source and where to locate that resource

Use the title found on the site. If needed for clarification, you can add the words "Home Page", "Gopher Site", or "database". The date of access is mandatory.

Internet Resources

These sources include:

  • online editions of journals
  • online versions of books
  • online databases, file transfer protocols (FTP) and Telnet
  • electronic mailing lists and email

Persisent URLs

Information on the Internet changes rapidly, technology annomolies often occur, and direct links to that information can fail.  This is resolved by using a persistent URL.   A persistent URL remains constant tracking the acutal location of the source.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Internet information sources can be tracked through specific coordinates. These DOIs are similar to barcodes managing complex profiles of multiple pieces, formates, locations, and ownership rights of information.Most publishers now use DOIs as an efficient system to manage journal artilces.  See DOI for more information.

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American Chemical Society Style Guide

QD 8.5 .A25 2006