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ACS: American Chemical Society Citation Style

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General Formatting


  • When listing publisher's names, delete words such as "Company", Inc.", "Publisher"
  • Book titles appear in italics in list and are underlined in the manuscript
  • use abbreviations as follows:

Fully Spell Out These Words

  • Abstract
  • Chapter
  • Paper
  • Part

Abbreviate These Words

  • Editor - editors Eds., Eds.
  • Numbers - No.
  • Page, pages, with periods - p., pp
  • Specific Volume - Vol.
  • Number of volumes - vols.

Citing Books


  • Not all ACS publications include the chapter title in book references.
  • Use the word "In" before a book title to indicate the author who wrote the part of a book when the book has editors.  An edited book means that different authors wrote various parts of the book independantly of each other.
  • Separate the names of multiple authors by semicolons.
  • Book titles are essential and are never abbreviated.  Set book titiles in italitc type and separate from the next field by a semicolon also in italic type. 
  • For books with editors include the abbreviation "Eds. or "Ed." after the final name.
  • In some publisher's names, words such as CO., Inc., Publisher, and Press are not essential.


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American Chemical Society Style Guide

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