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Virtual Stress-Free Zone

Virtual Stress-Free Zone

Virtual Stress-Free Zone

What is a Virtual Stress-Free Zone?

What is Virtual Stress Free Zone?

Now that final exams are here, it’s more important than ever to breathe, stretch, and take a break. Join us in the virtual TRU Library Stress-Free Zone and enjoy the resources we've gathered here to help you relax and destress from your online learning.


Join Our Virtual Study Hall

April 19 & April 28 4-6pm

Animal Kingdom

Craft Time

Craft Time

Easy Origami Bookmark

Here's Julia's!

How to Knit!

This is Julia's practice masterpiece. :)

Learn to Knit: Cable Cast On

Learn to Knit: Knit Stitch

Learn to Knit: Purl Stitch



Trivia Time!

Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Local Walks and Hikes (Kamloops)

Time to get up and move. Take a break from your screens and enjoy some of the amazing nature right close to your front door!

Near TRU Campus: Kenna Cartwright Nature Park

Download a Park Map

Near Upper Sahali: Peterson Creek Park

Download a Park Map and check out this YouTube video of the Xget'tem' Trail.

Near North Shore/Brocklehurst: McArthur Island Park

Download a Park Map and enjoy the circular route around the edge of the island!

From the Airport all the way to Westsyde/Downtown all the way to the Wildlife Park: Rivers Trail


Download a Park Map 

Are you located in a different area while doing your schooling at TRU? Let us know your favorite walk/hike locations in your area. Email:


Bring the Outdoors In

Best Plants for Your Dorm/Apartment

Please note that if you have pets, some of these plants are toxic to cats and/or dogs

Lucky Bamboo


Aloe Vera




Snake Plant

Mental Health Check!

Mental Health Check