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Virtual Stress-Free Zone

Virtual Stress-Free Zone

Virtual Stress-Free Zone

What is a Virtual Stress-Free Zone?

What is Virtual Stress Free Zone?

Now that final exams are here, it’s more important than ever to breathe, stretch, and take a break. Join us in the virtual TRU Library Stress-Free Zone to share a pet, learn a craft, play a word game, or answer some fun trivia! Drop in to say hi, stay for a game, or just hang out for a bit – everyone’s welcome!

No registration required.

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December 8 - Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

December 8:

10-11am & 3-4pm - Animal Kingdom

Do you have a furry, scaly, or spiny pet? We’d love to meet your pet – and introduce you to ours! Featuring a live animal cam from around the world.

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Live animal cams  


Hummingbirds Live Cam

Virtual Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

Animal Coloring Pages

December 10 - Craft Time

Craft Time

December 10:

10-11am & 3-4pm - Craft Time

Ever wanted to learn how to knit? Want to learn a fun, simple craft (only supply needed: paper!). Make a craft, learn about some online crafting sites, or just take a break from your studies to hang out with us in the online crafting room.

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Easy Origami Bookmark

Learn to Knit: Cable Cast On

Learn to Knit: Knit Stitch

Learn to Knit: Purl Stitch


Meg taught us how to knit! This is Julia's practice masterpiece. :)


Meg taught us how to make an origami fox bookmark. Here's Julia's!

December 15 - Word Games

Word Games

December 15:

10-11am & 3-4pm - Word Games

Take a __________, and  join __________ and _________ for some __________ games!

                Noun                           Name                    Name                       Adjective

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December 17 - Trivia Fun

Trivia Fun

December 17:

10-11am & 3-4pm - Trivia Fun

What is LNAP? How many books has Meg read in the past 6 months? Come and test your knowledge of facts and fun!

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