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Open Access Week

Open Access Week

Open Access Week is an annual international celebration to raise awareness of the issue of access to published scholarly research. In 2016, Open Access Week at TRU is all about sparking action to make open access a reality and become the new norm in scholarship!


What is Open Access, anyway?

Open access is access to scholarly research free of charge to any reader, anywhere in the world! To learn more about open access, checkout the library's guide on OA.


Did you know?

  • There are tons of different ways to make your work open to the world?
  • Tri-council funding agencies require that your research be open 12 months after publication?
  • TRU Library has an Open Access institutional repository (TRUSpace) that allows you to deposit your research and data sets?
  • You can get help from your liaison librarian in learning more about open access.


Why is wider, freely available public access to scholarly articles important? *

Moral arguments

  • OA frees authors and readers from needless access barriers.
  • OA returns the control of scholarship to scholars.
  • OA serves the under-served.
  • For the special subset of publicly-funded research, open access is part of fundamental fairness to taxpayers.

Pragmatic arguments

  • OA reaches a wider audience at lower cost than toll-access forms of distribution.
  • OA makes research literature and data available for crunching by new generations of sophisticated software (indexing, mining, summarizing, translating, linking, recommending, alerting, mash-ups, and other forms of processing).
  • OA widens dialogue, builds community, and supports cooperation.
  • OA accelerates research and increases the productivity of researchers.
  • OA makes research more useful and increases the research funder's return on investment.

* Adapted from Peter Suber's "Open access and the self-correction of knowledge"