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Education - Doing a Literature Review

Staying Current

You'll want to stay abreast of relevant new publications about your topic as you do your research and write your thesis or dissertation. Here are a couple of ways to do that.

Save your searches

Set up a personal (free) account in a database and then save your search.  You can then periodically repeat the search, without having to re-formulate your search strategy.

Set up Alerts

Set up 'alerts'  that will automatically notify you when new material of interest is published. You can choose to receive your alerts via e-mail or RSS feed.  Choose the method that integrates best into your workflow.

Depending on the database, the following types of alerts are possible:

  • Search alerts automatically run a previous search and inform you if new titles have been discovered
  • Table of Contents alerts notify you when a new issue of a particular journal is added
  • Citation/author alerts  tell you when a particular work has been cited by someone else

Consult the library's guide on "Current Awareness Alerts" to learn how.