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Education - Doing a Literature Review

Why core sources?

Core sources, such as handbooks, companions, subject specific encyclopedias, review articles will help you:

  • learn about your topic and how concepts relate to one another
  • understand the history and current state of knowledge
  • identify key works and theorists
  • find out how the subject has grown and changed
  • discover gaps in the knowledge base

There is value and convenience in searching for research information on the web, but researchers who rely on online only information as a primary research sources limit the thoroughness of their literature review.


Finding course sources

Subject guides

Each discipline's subject guide will have a tab called "Books to Get You Started".  Liaison librarians highlight important core sources that will help you identify key authors, titles and issues.




Look for other core sources from the TRU Library collection by searching the collection. You will want to search for your broad topic, such as education or special education and find the handbooks or encyclopedias that are relevant.  To do that, you'd search: education and (handbook or encyclopedia).