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Education - Doing a Literature Review

Find books and book chapters

You will want to thoroughly mine TRU Library's collection for resources.  In addition, you will want to look for books that are NOT held at TRU Library's collection. Your literature review must look at the body of research on your topic, regardless if your library has the book in their collection.


Why use books and book chapters?

Aren't books passé and not useful anymore?  No!  A book doesn't need to be read cover-to-cover to be used for research. What does a book give you?  Books delve into a topic often in more detail, provide history and a chronology of a topic, cover background information, give a great overview and context to the topic that you are reading about and list other books, articles and resources to read..

Books are a little bit more difficult to find because they are often written on broader topics than your thesis' topic.  Further, book chapters are often not recorded or searchable in search tools. To determine how appropriate and useful the book might be, look at its parts.  You will have to physically go look at books that are on your topic and scan through the Tables of Contents and Index at the back of the book to see if there is relevant information for you.

For example, perhaps you are looking for information on inclusive education in the Canadian context. TRU Library has a book called "Introduction to Inclusive Education".  This book is only found searching ("special education" or "inclusive education").  There is no mention of Canada anywhere in the title of the book. There is no mention of Canada in the Table of Contents either. However, the index of the book points to large sections in the book that talks about inclusive education in the Canadian context.

Moving through the index, Canadian information is scattered throughout the book.


Searching for books at TRU Library

You can search for all of TRU Library's book from the search box on the homepage. Type in your search strategy and refine your search results. To limit or refine your search results to show you just books and ebooks, you'll want to select those item types in the "content type" selector on the left hand side of your screen.


Searching for books outside of TRU Library

You can search thousands of library's collections by search WorldCat. WorldCat won't give you the digital access to the book, but it will let you know that the book exists and you can request the book for free through our Interlibrary Loans service. You will find a link to WorldCat through our Databases page on the library's homepage.