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Open Access Journals: starting and running a journal with Digital Commons @ TRU Library

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Setting up a Journal

You will find it easier and faster to start your open access journal on Digital Commons @ TRU Library if you have already considered and developed policies and other content around the following questions:

General Information

  • What is the journal about? What do you wish the journal to achieve?
  • In which discipline(s) does your journal fall? Who is your target audience?
  • What will the title be? It is best not to request an Digital Commons installation until you are sure of the title. The title or acronym of the title often ends up as part of your url and it is not good practice to be changing urls.
  • Acquire an ISSN for your publication.
  • Will your journal be open access, have an embargo period, or be totally subscription-based?  If subscription based, how will you accept payment and manage subscribers?
  • If needed, how will your journal be funded? How will you ensure sustainability?
  • Is your journal sponsored by or associated with an existing organization? Who owns copyright of the journal?
  • Will authors retain copyright of their articles?

Editors/Editorial Board

  • What will be the structure of your editorial board? What will be the term and process for regular replacement/ongoing reappointment of members?
  • How many members will you need on your editorial board?
  • How will you solicit reviewers if your articles are to undergo peer-review?
  • How will you solicit content?
    • Undergraduate students?
    • Graduate students?
    • Faculty researchers?

Structure and formatting

  • How will the journal be structured?
    • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly?
    • Set number of issues per volume?
    • How many articles will make up an issue?
  • What other content will there be?
    • Book reviews? Case studies? Interviews? Original Research?
  • Will you accept supplemental materials such as art work?
  • What will be your citation style and format?
  • What file formats will you accept? Word?
  • What will the final paper look like? Font? Font size? Headings? etc...

Peer Review

  • What is your peer review process? Will all content be peer reviewed?
  • What criteria will be used to evaluate submissions?
  • Who reviews each paper first and considers it germane enough to send on? How many readers will provide a review? Will reviews be blind in all cases? Will readers' comments be passed on to contributors? What is the process if two readers disagree sharply?