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Open Access Journals: starting and running a journal with Digital Commons @ TRU Library

Live Help

Design Customization

You don't need to know HTML or CSS. Digital Commons handles all of the site design and layout.  Digital Commons works with you to give your journal a professional look and feel.

Once you have had your consultation with the Scholarly Communications Librarian, you will be set up with a consultant at Digital Commons who will begin the set up your open access journal.

The design process begins when you return a completed journal setup form, which you will receive during your consultation with the Scholarly Communications Librarian, to your Digital Commons consultant.  With the completed form, be sure to submit all images and other materials you’d like incorporated into the design. The Digital Commons design team will use these assets to create a site mock-up and up to two revised mock-ups based on your feedback. Once you approve a mock-up, Digital Commons will build a demonstration site based on the selected design. Your live site can be launched following completion of the demo site.