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Current Awareness Alerts

Current Awareness Alerts

Current awareness services are designed to help you stay up-to-date with current literature in particular subject areas.

They may take the following forms:

  • Table of Contents or TOC-based alerting services: You will receive the table of contents for specific journals whenever a new issue of the journal is published. If the library has an online subscription to the journal, links to the full-text articles may be provided.

  • Saved Search or Search Alert services: You can save your searches so that you will be notified when new citations appear that match your specified search terms. 

  • Citation Alerts: You are notified when a specific article has been cited by other researchers.

  • RSS Alerts: many databases and websites provide an RSS feed to content.

Once an alert is set up, the information is pushed at a specified frequency (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly) via email or a RSS feed or may be retrieved through a personal account that you set up. Please note that some services require the setup of a special account (separate from your TRU Library account) to receive alerts.