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Following a Citation Trail

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Shortcut: Article Searching

Many journal articles have something called a DOI, or a digital object identifier.  You can locate the article by entering the article DOI into our Discover tool search box.

DOI lookup services:

Following a Citation Trail

Being able to interpret a citation is an important research skill. It enables you to track down resources from a reference list found in a course list, in an annotated bibliography, or listed at the back of a book or journal article. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to read a citation to locate a specific item in the TRU Library.

There are three steps in following a citation trail to locate an item.

1. Read the citation to determine if it is a book or an article.
2. Choose the essential citation information you need to locate the item.
3. Use the Discovery Tool to search using the essential citation information.

For an alternative method of locating books, videos, and goverment documents through the library catalogue, see Locating Books