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TRU Faculty Publications Related to Teaching and Learning: Online Reports

This guide provides an annotated inventory of TRU faculty publications related to Teaching and Learning.

Online Reports

Garson, K. (2012). Interculturalizing the campus: A case study. Flagship 2012: A World of Learning, pp. 10-13. Retrieved from

Garson states that Thompson Rivers University’s TRU World “has excelled in international student recruitment and services, transnational education, and unique international contract training” (p. 10). As the international student population steadily grows at TRU, Garson suggests that the teaching and learning environment needs to reflect these global perspectives. In 2006, a 160-page handbook was created to accompany a series of workshops to help faculty better understand the implications that culture has on learning, how they can support international students, and how they can internationalize curriculum. In addition, in 2009, the Senate International Affairs Committee created TRU’s Global Competency Certificate, which is awarded to international students who document their experiences (whether they be academic work or volunteer work), reflect on their learning, and share their experiences with other students.