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TRU Faculty Publications Related to Teaching and Learning: Home

This guide provides an annotated inventory of TRU faculty publications related to Teaching and Learning.


Both Thompson Rivers University’s Strategic Research Plan and its Academic Plan recognize the importance of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning; the latter calls for “increased faculty research engagement in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.”

Since 1990, when Ernest Boyer, in Scholarship Reconsidered, called on faculty to take a greater role in defining scholarship by examining the reciprocal relationship between teaching and learning, academia has devoted much time and space to discussion of a variety of terms related to teaching and research, and, indeed, to various definitions of the term “ Scholarship of Teaching and Learning” – to the extent that there is not one centrally agreed upon, detailed characterization of the term.

However, there is widespread agreement that the purpose of SoTL is, generally, to improve the quality of post-secondary education, and, specifically, to enhance student learning. There are also some generally adhered to principles; for example, SoTL practitioners are inquiring into teaching and learning and disseminating their studies in a public forum where review is encouraged – to provide benefit to the larger academic community. For example, by virtually all definitions, a presentation at a conference on a modification to one’s teaching is SoTL; by some definitions, course syllabi are evidence of SoTL.

This document, then, is a subset of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: an inventory of TRU faculty’s publications about teaching and learning. It is also a living document that invites updating with further evidence of Thompson Rivers University’s dissemination of research on teaching and learning.

Ginny Ratsoy, Provost’s Fellow, Teaching and Learning Support

Miranda Marini, Research Assistant

Penny Haggarty, Collection Services Librarian