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General Format

First Name of Author, Last Name of Author (or screen name of author). Date. “Title of Blog Post.”  Name of Blog (blog).  Name of Website or Collection of Blogs (if applicable).  Retrieved January 1, 2000 (http://...).


Beckett, Alexis. 2011. “What’s so Interesting about Occupy Vancouver?” Girl on the Wing Blog. Retrieved November 18 2011 (
Sullivan, Andrew. 2011 “Police Abuse on Parade.” The Dish (Blog). The Daily Beast. Retrieved November 19, 2011 (

Note: The ASA Style guide is not at all clear on how to site a standard blog, so these examples represent my attempt to cite blogs in a manner consistent with the overall ASA style. The basic idea is you give your readers all the information they need to locate the blog post, so you give the URL of the post, but in case that URL changes, you also give the title of the post, etc.