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General Format

Last Name of Author, First Name of Author. Year. "Title of Article." Name of Online Journal or Magazine. Month Day. Retrieved Jan 1, 2000 (http://... ).


Cite newpaper and magazine articles accessed online just as you would articles accessed in pint, with the addtion of the date on which you retrieved it and the URL from which you retrieved it.  If you have accessed the article through a database, include page numbers.

Leier, Mark. 2011.  “Money, Blood and Why Today's Vampire Revival Sucks.” The Tyee. November 14. Retrieved November 18, 2011 (
Khan, Sheema. 2013."Beyond Tolerance Lies True Respect." The Globe and Mail, February 28, p A15. Retrieved October 18, 2013 (
Mitch Moxley. 2013. A Supposedly Stupid Thing I'd Totally Do again. Atlantic Monthly, January/February 2013, pp 28-29. Retrieved from (